Well, this is my dearest hobby and for me the best way to spend both my time and money. I love traveling. Backpacker style – but hey a bit of decent comfort necessary, its holyday after all and not a death-march. And I don’t need to take the third class on the train just to tell my grand children about it, if no local who can afford it is avoiding the torture of a 16 h third class train ride. Believe me the stories you can tell afterward are rarely worth th pain. So just take second class on the trains. Don’t take a boat from Manaus all the way down to Belem if you can take the plane. I thank God I had the expereince of a 30 h boatride back form Parintins to Manaus. This spared me from making the unpleasant experience of a full 5 day boattrip to Belem. Just to keep in mind.

    Anyway, on this page you will, if I have time and a new digital camera, find information and photos of some trips I made.

    Here a short history of my backpackers life:

    • Chile Dec 1995 – Jan1996
    • Europe: Holland, Belgium and England – Aug 1996
    • Vietnam 2th Jun. 2002 – 27th Jul 2002
    • Cambodia 27th Jul. 2002 – 14. Aug 2002
    • Thailand 14th Aug 2002 – 2nd Sep 2002
    • Philippines 14th Sep 2003 – 15th Oct 2003
    • Indonesia 16th Sep 2004 -15th Oct 2004
    • Brazil (Manaus & North East) 7th May 2006 – 7th Nov 2006
    • Brazil (Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Santa Catarina) May 16th 2008 – Jun 23rd 2008
    • Brazil (Santa Catarina) Feb 12th 2009 – Mar 9th 2009

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    • Udo Zimmermann on 2007-09-24 at 14:07

    Hallo Ruschi,
    lange nichts mehr von dir gehört. Ich bin gerade beruflich in Rumänien um eine Brauerei in Betrieb zu nehmen und langweile mich im Hotelzimmer, da ich heute Nachtschicht habe. Also habe ich im Netz nach alten Bekannten gestöbert.
    Wäre toll, wenn wir uns mal wieder treffen könnten. Nächstes Jahr sollten wir sowieso mal ein Klassentreffen ins Auge fassen.
    Viele Grüße aus Bukarest

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