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Sharing my code

Git is the most powerful tool for revision management I know of. But as it always goes - with great power comes great responsibility. Especially the responsibility to learn how to use this power. Git is something marvelous, even after years using git there are always thing to be discovered, learned and unfortunately forgotten.

I really wonder if Linus and the other developers actually remembers all commands and features git provides. The usual answer to the questions “How can I do this with git?” is “Well it depends, there are 3 ways to do it, personally I always do it like this….”

What comforts me not feeling too ignorant is that even git evangelists and long time users sometimes are in doubt which of the n alternative ways to achieve the objective is the appropriate one. Even more consoling, if the git-power-user that came along with the much-better-because-easier-way stares puzzled at git’s output not understanding why it didn’t work.

I chuckled when listening to the Hanselminutes podcast on git () when they tried to remember how you end up with ‘dangling commits’.

At work I use git every day, this leaves little time left taking care of my own chunk legacy software. This is why I decided to share my Android app (WhatNext?) on GitHub. I hope you find it useful!