Emacs EDDL major Mode

My first Emacs mode

The available tools to edit Electronic Device Description Language EDDL files feature rudimentary editors - compared to Emacs. Playing around with EDD using a editor that sucks the logic step was to sit, think and create a new major mode for Emacs. I created github.com/truschival/edd-mode.

Since EDDL shares lot of syntactic constructs with plain C it made sense to create edd-mode based on cc-mode.A good thing for beginners, similar things have been done before. I took Arduino-mode.el and actionscript-mode.el to learn and take what was best. The problem is  EDDL has tons and tons of keywords, adding the keywords to known c-lang-defconst keyword-lists made everything look the same - no gain with syntax highlighting :(.

The solution at hand was to create new font-faces for attributes, defined attribute values and classes so it got a bit more readable. Check it out and contribute!

Screenshot of emacs editor window with EDD mode enabled