Shutting Down Wordpress

Going back to static pages

I am not the most prolific blogger and most interaction with wordpress in the last years was limited to updating the software. Luckily Wordpress has an auto-updater, otherwise I would have been p0wnd a long time ago. Also wordpress is so web 2.0 - an ancient internet term, long before industry 4.0 even pre-dating “social media” or “iPhone”.

Anyway we now are back to static sites without PHP or MySQL that require constant patches. We serve just static pages. Nowadays the cool kids on the internet do really cool single-site-applications. I am not one of the cool kids, my Javascript / CSS / HTML5 knowledge is not sufficient. But the cool kids have developed frameworks and themes that make it available to old white man as myself. I really love hugo as it enables me to write in Markdown and yet get something presentable.

I am migrating the content from my wordpress blog to hugo. I will manipulate the dates of the posts to match the original publication date.