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logo AddMan is a platform independent address manager – something completly outdated and overcome. Anyway….
Here you can get it and check it out…. and please give feedback maybe the bugs will be fixed

The binary Distribution – AddMan.jar
A data description: data.dtd Put this file in the same folder as your XML-database

The source – AddMan.tar.bz2

A XSLT Stylesheet to generate a rather ugly HTML site of your contacts for online usage.

Some screenshots of the user interface

Here is how to use it:

  1. Preferences
    Choose the path where to save the database, or if applicable read it.
    The Separator defines what character your email-client uses to separate email address if you send to more recipients. This character will be used to separate the emailaddresses you selected and copied to the clipboard.
  2. Creating a new contact / editing contacts
    – Select File->New->New Contact
    – A Dialog will appear with 3 fields filled out by default. Just edit it
    – With Tabs you can enter and edit different properties
    – Its more tricky and less userfriendly to add or edit a list of emails or addresses. Here always the first is selected. Be careful which you edit. (To be improved in future versions)
    – You can add email addresses to groups if you already created groups.
    – To remove an email address from a group use CTRL/SPACE to deselect the group
  3. Selecting a number of email addresses as recipients.
    – Tick the Checkbox “EmailList” in View Menu
    – Now Select one or more users in the Userlist and press the “add” button
    – if only a single user is selected you can chose on the email tab which email address will be added
    – if you selected multiple users from each user the default email address is added to the list.
    – Chose View->Groups to see you predefined groups.
    – if you press the “Add” button all member-addresses of the group will be added
    – Chose Edit->”Copy list” to copy all email addresses from the list to clipboard the addresses will be separated by the “separator” character you entered in the preferences Window, by default this is a simple comma.

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