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Once and for all – Loading Device tree overlays at runtime

Time for another Once-And-For-All – tasks I do periodically (but not weekly) and keep forgetting the command syntax. Loading Device tree overlays at runtime. # Mount kernel configfs mount -t configfs none /sys/kernel/config/ # Create the device tree node (name doesn’t really matter) mkdir /sys/kernel/config/device-tree/overlays/rotary-enc # cat the device tree overlay to a special file …

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A new Emacs major mode

Screenshot with syntax-highlighting in emacs

The available tools to edit Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) files feature rudementary editors – compared to Emacs. Playing around with EDD using a editor that sucks the logic step was to sit, think and create a new major mode for Emacs. The edd-mode was born. Since EDDL shares lot of syntactic constructs with plain …

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Volatile superstition

Programmers memory seems to be volatile regarding the meaning of the C or C++ qualifier ‘volatile’. There are at least a dozen of articles on the internet referencing or copying in verbatim Jones Nigel and a zillion discussions on bulletin boards. Yet there is at least as much superstition among even experienced developers. Section 6.7.2 …

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Once-And-For-All: iptables and udev rules

Time for another Once-And-For-All – tasks I do periodically (but not weekly) and keep forgetting the command syntax. I got myself a brand-new BeagleBone Black A6. When you attach the device via usb (and have a correctly configured kernel) it will appear as USB Gadget device with 3 classes a usb-uart serial device (CDC), a …

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Fork me on GitHub

Git is the most powerful tool for revision management I know of. But as it always goes – with great power comes great responsibility. Especially the responsibility to learn how to use this power. Git is something marvelous, even after years using git there are always thing to be discovered, learned and unfortunately forgotten. I …

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Once-And-For-All: substrings & substitiution in Bash

This is the first post in the new once-and-for-all category. Maybe it’s just me who keeps forgetting commands and syntax from one use to the other. I don’t know how often I already googled simple basic actions like bash-syntax only to forget the the other week. Now to avoid future googling I decided to write …

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Sorry guys, I won’t do your homework or master thesis….

plagiarism is rampant in the internet age, no doubt – even most prominent German politicians have lost their jobs for that dirty little copy-paste action. It seems tempting to take a google result and include it in “your” work. But that is easy to spot. If there is no content in the above paragraph and …

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An App, it is an Android App!

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O.k. admitted, “App” is no longer buzz-word of the year and there is already at least one ‘App’ for everything. But nevertheless I proudly present my first Android App: Actually I didn’t write this app in desperate need for a todo List, I got myself organized before having a smartphone. But the development of …

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