Old Projects

Since 2014 I have been pushing most of my projects to github. There is still tons of code lying around on my harddisk, most of the stuff so badly named and documented I don’t even remember what it was good for and when I take a closer look I am embarrassed about the quality….

This page exists to preserve the content of my older blog sites, its all undergrad hacking:

  • BaseConvert that converts floats and integer in a string of 1s and 0s. pretty useful if you write VHDL testbenches. I never had a tool that shows a “binary” representation of a Float according to IEEE 754.
  • Backup is a pretty cool script to do incremental Backups with cpio. It also generates an index in a hidden directory. It is meant to run with DAT-Tape drives but also works with files. This script was created in a time where only enterprise solutions were suitable for my 1-person household and there were 3 Computers running….
  • Rechteck is a MatLab m-File for showing how discrete fourier transformation is applied and the signal can be syntesized of a few base harmonics.
  • Osziplot is another script that deals with DSP. Here you can play with Simulink/Matlab integration. It basically shows how an oscillator can be built with timediscrete elements. Nothing special though. It was just my first contact with the Nyquist-sample Criterion….that gave me to think for a while.
  • CDinlay An early (2004) C++ project I wrote lets you automatically create a PDF of CD-Case inlays with track information based on playlist text information. The cool feat here is the dynamic loading of “parser” plugins for various input formats such as m3u, csv etc. Today (2013) I would probably do it differently but hey this is undergrad work! BTW this was my first (and only) GNU Autotools project. It actually still compiles and works….



Address Manager Gui in Java (swing)

Looking at the source I think I wrote this back in 2001/2002 as learning project for Java. AddMan is a platform independent address manager written in Java. One of my first software projects ever. Gregor Zurowski and myself started it basically to learn Java and to overcome the multi platform dilemma. These were the days I ran 3 computers with Linux, Windows, MacOS and Solaris x86… and there was no cloud to synchronize.
Configurable AES IP Core with Avalon interface

Configurable AES IP Core with Avalon interface

My first successful open source project - Synthesizable Core in VHDL

My first IP-Core is a Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Core with generics to configure the keylength (128, 192, or 256 Bits) an optional decryption datapath, also configurable with generics and an (optional) Altera Avalon-MM Slave Interface. I even wrote a documentation for this (WOW) I hope it is useful for you if you have any comments or bugreports, please let me know. The core can be synthesized and I have run it successfully on a Altera Cyclone II EP2C35 FPGA.